Where would we be without windows? Possibly in very dark houses – or drafty ones.

Photo:  Saskatchewan sod house – Wikipedia.  Public domain.

With the Canadian prairies’ extreme climate conditions, our windows must meet world-class standards. Our windows and doors provide unmatched protection from the elements we face through the four seasons each year.”  - Kevin Driedger, Owner/Manager

Built right here in North Battleford, Fortress-made windows must meet our strict quality controls.  And if that’s not enough, an independent laboratory (QAI Laboratories) audits our processes every six months to ensure ENERGY STAR® standards are met!

Using Canadian-made PVC and glass, our windows have been developed for Saskatchewan conditions:  the cold and windy winters as well as the hot and dry summers.

With an ample selection of residential window products, we can help you complete your new home or give your older home a new lease on life.